Frequently asked Questions

  • How can i order MVD machines?

    Turkey's 81 provinces are served directly by our production facilities, and to other countries by more than 60 distributors.


  • How can i get technical service?

    There are many channels where you can forward your service request. If you wish, you can fill out the service form on our website, send your request via e-mail to or contact us on our +90 544 239 22 35 WhatsApp line.


  • Who can apply for MVD Distributorship?

    MVD attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. Because; Having experience in the sheet metal processing industry, providing technical service, demonstrating financial adequacy, not having another MVD Distributor in the same country or region, having brand credibility in the relevant country or region, and having only MVD products in the store are the most important factors in approving the application.

  • How does MVD work with Distributors?

    MVD has embraced sustainability and transparency. Because; Open and transparent communication is established with the representatives on the basis of mutual trust for many years.


  • What are the advantages of being a Distributor of MVD?

    Being representative of MVD, which is among the most important manufacturers in the sheet metal processing industry, brings many advantages. Some of the prominent advantages include increasing your brand reliability, increasing your sales volume, accessing detailed information on innovations and machines, and benefiting from privileges and campaigns.

  • What are the responsibilities and expectations of the distributors?

    The main role of MVD representatives is to introduce our machines and brand in their countries, provide technical service for our machines for many years with their superior service understanding, and ensure customer satisfaction.


  • Who can I contact to become a distributor?

    You can contact, +90 546 239 22 37 or our Regional Sales Managers.

  • What does the warranty cover?

    The warranty covers any issues that may arise outside of user error, starting from the installation. It is valid for 24 months in Turkey and 12 months in other countries.   


  • How long is the Production Time?

    Each MVD machine is very specific because it is configured according to the needs of the customers. These special machines are ready for shipping within 6 to 12 weeks.  


  • How is delivery done?

    MVD operates under the Exworks (Ex-Factory) principle.


  • How can i order?

    You can place your orders by filling out the form on our website, by sending an email to, or by contacting our Regional Sales Manager to convey your requests.


  • What should I pay attention to when ordering?

    To choose the right machine for your needs, it is sufficient to first send us cutting and bending plans for your products. Based on this: First, the correct capacity and dimensions should be determined. After clarifying issues such as screen, CE safety, and standard, and optional features, you should check the information in the sales contract before signing it.

  • Why do I need to order through the distributor?

    Our representatives support you in the shipment of the machines while also coordinating the installation of the machine, the training of operators, and the service, maintenance, and consulting needs quickly. Therefore, we refer our customers to our representatives.

  • What payment options are there?

    Our payments are generally accepted as a 30% down payment + 70% before the machine is shipped.


  • Where can I see the machines?

    You can see MVD Machines at our production facilities, in the showrooms of our representatives, and at our reference customers.

  • Can I make an order change?

    In your order, you can change the optional features after the approval of the production and technical department, before the product reaches the quality control stage. In the main product changes, you can make a change by consulting your sales consultant as the main features of the machine will change.

  • How long can I make changes to my order?

    You can only make changes before the final assembly stage of the product you have ordered.

  • When is my invoice due?

    Your invoice is created when the machine reaches the quality control stage.

  • When do I need to make the payment?

    Payment must be made at least 1 day before shipment.

  • My order has missing items/features or arrived damaged – What should I do?

    Your products are made by passing detailed quality control. For this, you can request photos of the machine before shipment. In case of missing products or parts, you can contact our service unit at by taking photos of the machine model, serial number and missing part or the machine you have received. Sample:
    Model: A135-3100
    Nr. 26011992
    Pictures: Here, the quality control pictures and the order form will be examined and you will be provided with a feedback about the solution.

  • Can I cancel my product?

    You can cancel your product. However, the prepayment you have made is not refundable in this case.

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