Home Appliances Industry

In the Home Appliance Industry the most commonly manufactured products are, refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, the dishwasher doors and panels, as well as kitchen stoves and hoods. High output volume and productivity are the key factors of this industry. Moreover, the Home Appliances Industry necessitates a variety of designs and personalized products to keep up with differing demands. Thus, the Home Appliances Industry needs adaptable and versatile machines in the manufacturing process. The machines used in the manufacturing process of the Home Appliances Industry must be able to quickly switch between different productions, and allow flexible production.

In the Home Appliances Industry small and medium-sized pieces are used most often. In this industry, mild steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel are the most frequently used materials, with the material thickness varying between 0.60 mm and 2 mm. As aesthetics is a big part of the industry, the materials used in the manufacturing process can be pre-painted or stainless steel.

Due to the important aesthetic value of the end products, manufacturing operations need to be carried out in precision, and without leaving unwanted any marks on the material. The manufacturing process of the Home Appliances Industry requires precision cutting lasers, bending molds and blades.

As, MVD we produce machines that give flawless results efficiently, thanks to our engineers' superior expertise and skills.

Commonly used MVD machines in this sector are iBend Press Brake, iLaser Fiber Laser, iPunch Punch Press and iShear Guillotine Shear.

MVD solutions for the Home Appliances Industry industry

For manufacturing processes that include cutting steel, we recommend our following products: iLaser Fiber Laser, iShear Guillotine Shears and iPunch Turret Punch machines for sheet thicknesses that vary from 0,60 mm to 2 mm.

For the manufacturing processes that include bending steel, we suggest our machines iBend Press Brake and Servo Press Brake for sheets that vary from 0,60 mm to 2 mm.

As MVD, we enable your Home Appliance manufacturing to be accurate, error-free and aesthetic, with the use of our specialized molds that can be customized for your needs.

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For the Home Appliances Industry sector we provide;

We manufacture machines that

  • are suitable for aesthetic and smooth production,
  • deliver high-quality results every time,
  • are designed for repeated mass production,
  • are durable,
  • are capable of manufacturing complex parts in different geometries,
  • are designed to minimize error rate and increase profitability,
  • save energy,
  • are easy-to-use,
  • and we serve over 90 countries.

We will never leave you alone.
MVD provides long-term after-sales services and service guarantee for all our products.

As MVD, not only we provide excellence in quality but we also guarantee that we will be with you every step of the way. MVD guarantees long term after-sales services and assurance for your machine, through our vast distributor and service provider networks, for all our products worldwide.

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