Industrial Machinery Industry

The Industrial Machinery manufactures means thousands of different industrial machines for hundreds of different industries. This creates a wide range of needs. The Industrial Machinery Industry most commonly produced are but not limited to: excavators, graders, cranes, building equipment, concrete plants, as well as tools of washing, tempering, grinding, shipping, measuring, packing and storage.

In the Industrial Machinery Industry the most frequently used material is steel. Many types of steel such as ST37, ST42, ST52, Hardox, Weldox, stainless steel and other various alloys.

In this industry the material thickness may vary from 0.50 mm to 200 mm, and thicker plates can also be used. This necessitates investment in the correct technology and machinery in order to increase the efficiency of production. Due to the versatile nature of the industry, the machines that are used need to be flexible, efficient and suited for repeated mass production.

MVD solutions for the Industrial Machinery Industry industry

For the purposes of cutting metal sheets, we recommend iLaser Fiber Laser and iShear Guillotine Shears for sheets that vary from 0.5 mm to 25 mm in thickness. iPlasma Plasma OXY cutting machines are ideal for sheets whose thickness vary from 25 mm to 200 mmin thickness as well as sheets above.

In bending works we recommend our bending machines iBend Press Brake and Tandem Press for sheets that range from 0.5 mm to 25 mm and above.

With our advanced technology solutions, MVD will help you manufacture efficiently, precisely and quickly.

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For the Industrial Machinery Industry sector we provide;

We produce machines that are

  • efficient,
  • durable,
  • strong,
  • precise,
  • capable of perfectly bending sheets,
  • suited for versatile and unique production needs,
  • designed to manufacture complex parts with varying shapes, angles and sizes,
  • created to minimize error rate and increase profitability,
  • and we serve over 90 countries.

We will never leave you alone.
MVD provides long-term after-sales services and service guarantee for all our products.

As MVD, not only we provide excellence in quality but we also guarantee that we will be with you every step of the way. MVD guarantees long term after-sales services and assurance for your machine, through our vast distributor and service provider networks, for all our products worldwide.

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