Lighting Equipment

The lighting equipment sector is a market with a great variety of items, both in medium and small sizes, and in large quantities. That the goods are aesthetically pleasing is very important. Hence, the sector needs responsive and very fast machines. Product diversity also shows the need for machines that can quickly adapt to demand and can easily turn to different manufacture. Many items are manufactured including ceiling and wall fixtures, street and exterior lighting, spot lamps, animation and billboard lighting, and projectors.

We design MVD machines for precise and flexible production. Therefore, we offer the highest degree of suitability and precision for flexible production, which is one of the industry's most basic needs. The first choice is especially the iLaser Fiber Laser cutting machine because it can respond quickly and effectively to various designer applications. In sheet bending, our iBend Abkant Presses offers a great deal of manufacturing convenience per these flexible and multi-piece productions. Easy and fast mold change and easily programmable 3D CNC controllers and CAD/CAM software perfectly meet industry needs in fast, flexible and accurate manufacture.

Aluminum, copper, bronze, painted sheets, stainless steel and galvanized sheets are the most common materials used. The material thickness may vary from 0.30 mm to 3 mm. Sheets of steel are used in medium to large sizes.

MVD solutions for the Lighting Equipment industry

We recommend iPunch Turret Punch, iLaser Fiber Laser and iShear Guillotine Shears for sheet thicknesses of 0,30 mm to 3 mm for cutting works.

In bending works, we recommend the bending machines iBend Press Brake and Servo Press Brake for sheets from 0,30 mm to 3 mm and above.

With the machines it produces, MVD allows you to produce much quicker and more efficiently in the lighting industry.

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For the Lighting Equipment sector we provide;

We manufacture machines that are ideal for small quantities as well as a wide range of production, that

  • can switch between different various tasks easily,
  • are durable,
  • have a very low breakdown and repair costs,
  • minimizes manufacturing costs per item,
  • provides high-quality results at all times,
  • provides low energy consumption,
  • are easy-to-use,
  • and we serve over 90 countries.

We will never leave you alone.
MVD provides long-term after-sales services and service guarantee for all our products.

As MVD, not only we provide excellence in quality but we also guarantee that we will be with you every step of the way. MVD guarantees long term after-sales services and assurance for your machine, through our vast distributor and service provider networks, for all our products worldwide.

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