We won't let you down.

We attach great importance to properly and precisely manufacturing our machines as well as maintaining the ideal operation and maintenance of them. “We believe that we are on the same boat with our customers, and when you buy an MVD machine you ensure a long lasting relationship. We will be there every step of the way. We have never let a customer down”

We take care of everything you need with our after-sales support services. We know you have high expectations, and we work our hardest to never fall short of your needs. The services we offer cover a wide range, such as: spare parts, software, hardware, technical service, installation, training, maintenance contracts, and remote connection support. We deeply care about our customers' needs and demands. Nevertheless, constantly making improvements with our R&D activities and quality control tests to ensure your autonomy in production.

We know how important it is for our customers to maintain the continuity of operations in their business. With this awareness, the services we offer are executed promptly and with care. Our biggest motivation is the happiness and satisfaction of our customers with the quality of our work. We are always encouraged to do better, and to keep improving the services we offer. In founding long-lasting relationships with our customers, we aim to provide the most suitable solutions for our customers' specific needs and fulfill their demands. We are proud to be companion of our customers in their journey of helping them to reach their goals and to accomplish their targets. We are all together in this, and together we will make sure your business thrives.

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  • Machine installation

    Our own service does the installation of the product in the country.
    In abroad, the installation is done by the dealer's vehicle in the countries where we have dealers, and our service team in the countries where there is no dealership.

  • How can I install my product?

    You can make our products by reading and following the installation section in the user manual, but failures caused by installation errors are not covered by the warranty. For this reason, it is recommended to be done by our authorized service or the dealer we have authorized.

  • When does my warranty start?

    The warranty period starts with delivery and is 24 months in the country and 12 months abroad.

  • Do I need to send the product warranty certificate?

    The product warranty certificate is automatically sent to our distributors by MVD.

  • How can I make a Service/Failure application?

    We recommend that you submit your service application via Email to Here are the information we want you to specify first:
    The model of the machine, the serial number, a brief description of the malfunction, and video or photo information. Apart from this, you can contact us via WhatsApp or phones +90 545 239 22 34.

  • How can I reach the nearest authorized service?

    You can reach the nearest authorized service by contacting our dealer in the country you are in or by sending an e-mail to

  • The product I requested was wrong or missing, what should I do?

    Take a photo of the part that you are sure to have sent wrong and send an e-mail to


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