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In the Aircraft and railroad industries, the manufacturing includes but is not limited to, aircraft bodies, wings, parts of turbine engines, trains and wagons. The production of these machines and parts requires cutting, making holes and bending processes. The metal parts used in the production vary from thin to medium in thickness and the necessary parts are usually large in size. Accordingly, the machines used in manufacturing such parts require large dimensions and must support the required precision of production as well as being able to work the varying angle requirements. One of the biggest obstacles of the industry is manufacturing of quality machines that master the specification and the precision of the demanded products. In short, the products manufactured must be of high quality, precise in its dimensions and comply with world standards.

The most frequently used materials in these industries include mild steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel.

MVD solutions for the Aircraft & Railroad industry

The machines we manufacture are designed to suit the particular demands of the industry. We manufacture our machines according to the specific needs of the Aircraft & Railroad industry and deliver them in a short amount of time.

Metal sheets of different qualities that usually have a range of 1-3 mm and are generally more than 4 meters long are used in both aircraft fuselage and wings manufacturing.

The sheet thickness used in the production of trains and wagons can be as high as 25 mm and its dimensions can go up to 6-8 meters.

For cutting, the following machines are used iLaser Fiber Laser, iShear Guillotine Shear, iPlasma Plasma-Oxy cutting, whereas iBend Press Brake and Servo Press Brake are the preferred machines for bending operations.

MVD ensures that sheet metal and structural metal parts that are required can be produced in specific angles, radiuses and shapes required by the aviation and rail industry.

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For the Aircraft & Railroad sector we provide;

We produce machines that are

  • suitable for manufacturing at specific angles,
  • durable for many years,
  • suitable for manufacturing very large sheets,
  • capable of manufacturing complex parts in different geometries,
  • custom-designed and we serve over 90 countries around the globe.

Special Projects

We have an experienced, skilled team that can produce complex structures and components by designing specific projects for the aircraft and railroad sector. Our skilled R&D team is experienced in providing solutions, creating specified products, and supporting special applications to manufacture tailor-made products for our customers.

We will never leave you alone.
MVD provides long-term after-sales services and service guarantee for all our products.

As MVD, we provide not only excellence in quality, but we also guarantee that we will be with you every step of the way. MVD guarantees long term after-sales services and assurance for your machine, through our vast distributor and service provider networks, for all our products worldwide.

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