Industrial Kitchen Industry

The Industrial Kitchen industry requires manufacturing of machines in four main categories, Kneading/Mixing, Cooking, Serving & Display and Cooling.

During the production of kitchen projects, 430, 304 stainless steel and galvanized sheet materials are most often used. The thickness of the material may range from 0.60 mm to 6 mm. As these are products of high-quality and high value, the error rate during production is required to be extremely low.

In this industry, aesthetics is an integral aspect. In the Industrial Kitchen industry, not only there is no room for error and the specific requirements are very significant, but there is also a decorative and aesthetic concern. We as MVD understand your needs in the Industrial Kitchen Industry and design our machines to fulfill your high standards and provide excellence.

The iBend Press Brake, iShear Guillotine Shears, iPunch Turret Punch and iLaser Fiber Laser machines are used to manufacture, food storage units, tanks used in furnaces, ovens, hoods, coolers and large workbenches and counters for hotels.

In the Industrial Kitchen industry, a significant amount of specified production is necessary, Thus the manufacturing process must accommodate the complex geometry desired in the end products. Technologies such as 3D CNC monitor and CAD/CAM applications make an important contribution to fulfill these demands. Fort the Industrial Kitchen industry both small and medium-sized parts are produced.

MVD solutions for the Industrial Kitchen Industry industry

For metal cutting, we suggest iLaser Fiber Laser, iShear Guillotine Shears and iPunch Punch Press machines for the sheet thicknesses that range from 0.60 mm to 6 mm.

For works that require metal bending, we recommend the bending machines iBend Press Brake and Servo Press Brake for sheets from 0.60 mm to 6 mm and above.

As MVD, we ensure efficient and precise components, goods, tools, and equipment to be produced for the industrial kitchen sector.

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For the Industrial Kitchen Industry sector we provide;

We manufacture machines that are capable of

  • Achieving smooth and high-quality surface results,
  • Executing perfect bending and cutting,
  • Accommodating unique and versatile production needs,
  • Capable of manufacturing complex parts in different angles and geometric shapes,
  • Minimizing error rate and increase profitability,
  • and we serve over 90 countries.

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MVD provides long-term after-sales services and service guarantee for all our products.

As MVD, not only we provide excellence in quality but we also guarantee that we will be with you every step of the way. MVD guarantees long term after-sales services and assurance for your machine, through our vast distributor and service provider networks, for all our products worldwide.

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