Customer Stories


Success Story: A220 / 4300 Special Production Press Brake

A well-known company that specializes in the restorations rebuilding aircrafts, located in town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin USA, was in the search for a versatile press brake, in 2018. They were in need of a machine that could bend at different angles and at various radiuses, a job beyond the capabilities of standard press brakes.

Our customer to-be had been in touch with many machine manufacturers, only to be refused, as the manufacturers said that they could not produce a machine with the necessary features and versatility.

This is where MVD came in, and provided a long-lasting solution for the problem at hand. When our customer contacted MVD, they were delighted to learn that we could indeed make the requested special machine with the expertise of our experiences R&D engineers. They ordered a specialized Press Brake machine immediately. We promptly completed the machine and delivered it to our customer in a very short amount of time.

This story is a great source of pride for MVD, as our customer reached out to us after being rejected by many machine manufacturers in their country and rest of the world. We are overjoyed to be of help, and to put our technical team’s experience and production capabilities to good use.

We always have our customer’s back.

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