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One Of Our Many Success Stories: Russia Aluminum Company 4m x 1.000 Tons Installation

We believe that there are no obstacles we cannot overcome. This is the story of how we delivered 1.000 Ton machine to Russia in midst of a diplomatic crisis.

In 2012, we delivered our four-meter-long MVD Press Brake machine that has a capacity of 1,000 tons, to Russia’s largest aluminum company. This very heavy and tall press was being delivered with the help of four trucks. During its journey, a diplomatic crisis between Russia and Turkey erupted. The delivery of the four trucks was inevitably halted. Despite all odds and despite the change in Russian customs law during this diplomatic crisis, we were able to complete the necessary documents and procedures at a lightning pace. The distribution was completed after a two week the delay at the Russian customs.

Due to the diplomatic crisis, it had also been very difficult to send out our technical team for the installation process. Finally, MVD’s unyielding efforts came to fruition, and we were successful in sending our two technicians to Russia to complete the installation of the machine.

As part of the customer’s work order, our Press Break Machine immediately began bending 45-50 mm thick sheets.

Because whatever happens, we will keep working tirelessly for our customers.


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