MVD’s CEO Vasıf İnan: “We continue our R&D work without slowing down despite the pandemic”.

We are proud to be among the leading companies of Turkey in the sheet metal processing technologies industry. As MVD, we represent our country by exporting to more than 90 countries all over the globe.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, took all the necessary precautions and continued our production and export.

During the third quarter of the year, not only did we exceed our targets but we also increased our R&D works for new and technological steps ahead. With competent new engineers joining our team, we continue to expand our leading work in the industry. With the principle of customer satisfaction in mind, we work arduously to fulfill the high standards we know our customers deserve.

Our General Manager Mr. Vasıf İnan said, “In this period, which has affected all sectors, we are proud to continue our R&D activities without interruption. With 70 years of experience, we understand our customers very well and continue our work to fulfill their demands”.

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