After EuroBlech Exhibitions

EuroBlech, which opened its doors on 25 – 28 October 2022 with the slogan "The Door to a Smart Future", hosted more than 56000 visitors on an area of 89800 square meters. At the EuroBlech, we exhibited our iLaser fiber laser cutting machine F8-3015, our iBend Hydraulic Press Brakes B100-3100 and D320-4100 with their new design, our Servo Belt Press Brake Machine E100-3100, our Hybrid Press Brake Machine H135-3100 and our iShear Guillotine Shear Machine B06-3100. The intense interest of our guests in our latest technologies in our iLaser and iBend series machines made us very happy. We have already started the preparations for the EuroBlech exhibition, which will be 2 years later. Thank you to all our guests who visited us.

The features of our machines on display for those who missed it:

Our most preferred fiber laser cutting machine in Europe with its compact and most advanced design.


iLaser F8-3015
Lengths: 1535 X 3015 mm
Resonator: IPG YLS 8000
Laser Output Power: 8 kW
Cutting head: Precitec
CNC Unit: ESA 675 W 21”
Chiller Unit: IPG


Our new designed and most preferred press brake machine in the sector

iBend B100 – 3100
Bending Length: 3100 mm
Bending Force: 100 Ton
Back Gauges: X+R+Z1+Z2
Axis count: 6
Clamping tool: WILA Hydraulic Tool Clamping
Front Support: 2 pcs

Premium-featured hard-working specialist and the industry's best press brake machine

iBend D320 – 4100
Bending Lenght: 4100 mm
Bending Force: 320 Tons
CNC Unit: ESA S875
Back Gauges: X+R+Z1+Z2+X5
Axis Count: 7
Clamping Tool: Quick clamping promecam
Front Support: 2 pcs sliding front supports with strong jack up 

Our hybrid press brake combining the power of hydraulics and the speed of electricity

iBend H135 – 3100

Bending Lenght: 3100 mm
Bending Force: 135 Ton
CNC Unit: Delem DA 69S (Yeni seri)
Back Gauges: X+R+Z1+Z2
Axis Count: 6
Clamping tool: Quick clamping promecam
Front Support: 2 pcs sliding front support sheet with motorized



The last point we have reached in electric press brake machines with its simple and eye-catching design

iBend E100 – 3100
Bending Lenght: 3100 mm
Bending Force: 100 Ton
Cnc Unit: ESA875 (New)
Back Gauges: X+R+Z1+Z2
Axis Count: 6
Clamping tool: WILA Hydraulic Clamping Tool
Front Support: 2 pcs strong sliding front supports
Up to 30% increase in efficiency compared to hydraulic press brakes
Single and Double Check front security light feature


Sheet metal cutting specialist in the industry

iShear B06 – 3100
Sheet Thickness: 6 mm
Cutting Length: 3100 mm

Adjustable Cutting Length
Programmable Pneumatic Backgauge
Cuts 50% faster than conventional scissors 






Author: İ. Mert ÇAKICIOĞLU                                              Date: 30.11.2022

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