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Prima Power machines are widely utilized in the aerospace industry across different applications. One typical use is the drilling of cooling holes on hot turbine engine parts (both for aerospace and power generation), the other one is the fabrication of complex parts requiring cutting and welding processes.

The major challenge facing this sector is the qualification of the processes. In this phase customers need intensive support from the machine suppliers, so their know-how and experience is a fundamental aspect. Moreover, the machines used for drilling as well as cutting and welding applications have to be particularly accurate, stable and reliable in order to maintain the certificated parameters. This ensures the quality of parts and reduces scrap and rework that are very expensive.

Process control is the driving force in production of aerospace components.

The documentation provided with the machine must be clear, accurate, and exhaustive. Training has to be highly customized in order for the customers to profit the most from their individual systems.

What Prima Power can do for you

  • Our Laserdyne systems, as well as Rapido and Optimo, are accurate with high repeatability. They can be equipped with one or more numerically controlled rotary tables for processing, even in buffered loading and unloading time of cylindrical parts for turbine engines.
  • Our systems are able to measure/find the parts with the use of integrated sensors (optical and/or capacitive). This enhances the accuracy of the system without requiring expensive fixtures and to compensate for errors of the part’s shape.
  • Our unique solution for process control on laser drilling systems, known as FlowComp™, enables the customers to fulfill the narrowest airflow requirements on parts. The FlowComp™ system compensates automatically and adjusts the size of the drilled holes using the measurement that comes from a specific flow bench integrated within the machine. The numerical control and the laser CL50K, both developed and built in the Prima group as the machine, manage the correction without operator intervention.
  • Our experts are highly specialized in this field. They provide added value and help the customers maximize their profit.
  • Our professional services complement our advanced technology and are the key to better productivity and higher profits.
  • All our products are designed and developed according to the “Green Means®” concept: productive and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Application examples

  • engine and turbine parts
  • transition ducts
  • turbine plenums
  • blades and vanes
  • nacelles
  • structural parts of aircraft

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